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Hey folks, I'm
Berke Kurnaz Berke Kurnaz Berke Kurnaz

Building a successful product is a challenge. I am highly energetic in software development, system design and maintaining.

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Software DeveloperBundle App

I work with .net core, node.js, sql, mongodb, redis and elasticsearch in backend side and I work with vue.js and nuxt.js in frontend side.


Intern Software DeveloperVBT

During my internship, I experienced in native app development with Kotlin and cross-platform app development with flutter. We developed an open source application that tracks location, includes maps, sends notifications and detects objects with my teammates.



Computer EngineeringSelcuk University

I went to university for computer engineering but I did not find what I want. So, I spend 5 years there and I gained a bunch of amazing people. I joined communities and I had experience different fields.

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